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Halloumi, a delicious grilling cheese with lots of uses

One more cheese produced the ancient way but with strict hygiene procedures. Authentic taste necessary to every BBQ.


Would you exchange your beer with Halloumi? Of course not!

Why should you, when you can easily combine them?

What a great combination to be honest!

Either in retail vacuum pack or in a food service block, can be the turning point in your dairy portfolio.

Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese made from cow, sheep and goat milk or exclusively from sheep and goat milk and we proudly present to you the whole Halloumi line. It is equally delicious row or grilled and it is distinguished by its authentic rich taste and exceptional aroma. Halloumi cheese is produced according to the Cypriot traditional recipes and cheese-making methods.

 ·  Automated production
 ·  Private Label availability
 ·  IFS, BRC

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packaging unit carton pallet
vacuum pack 225g 10 275
vacuum pack 250g 10 275
vacuum pack 700g 6 170