Gefa Ethos Award 2020

Greek Brands named as “Top Trading Export Company” winning the Golden award, at Greek Exports Forum & Awards 2020.

Greek Brands won the first award in the category "Top Trading Export Company" participating in the Greek Export Awards. Αn organization of the Association of Diplomatic Officers of Economic & Commercial Affairs (ENDY UE) of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Ethos Awards, the financial and business portal and the financial and investment magazine XRHMA.
Panos Mavrakis, CEO of Greek Brands said:
"We are grateful to the judges that rewarded us for our hard work and to all those who supported us with their vote in recognition of the value of our export efforts. The new year could not start more hopefully for us, we are committed to maintain the highest level of our products and services and to improve them even more".
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