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Feta Cheese. Famous and delicious for any kind of use

Genuine Feta cheese PDO of superior quality. Since ancient times, it is still produced the same way under state of the art methods.

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Germans are getting it from the supermarket, Australians enjoy it to the restaurants and thousands of travelers, during their overseas flights.

In vacuum or in brine and wherever one may enjoy it, our Feta PDO is ready to cover the tasteful needs of every market.

Having a long-time experience in packaging and respect to safety and quality, we are ready to serve you and ensure success and profits.

Our feta cheese is made by 100% Greek fresh pasteurized sheep & goat milk, from selected areas of Peloponnese and Northern Greece. Our recipe gives the cheese, a smooth and rich taste, ideal for retail and foodservice use. Milk collection is daily and cheese making and packaging are under the highest safety procedures.

 · All year round capacity
 · 2 generations of cheese making
 · Packaging flexibility
 · Private label specialization
 · Professional support

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feta cheese

packaging unit carton pallet
vacuum pack 200g 12 256
plastic tupper in brine 400g 6 108
vacuum pack 1kg 6 108
plastic tupper in brine 1kg 8 64
vacuum pack 2kg 3 108
plastic tupper in brine 2kg 2 121
plastic tupper in brine 15kg 1 45

Available types of Greek Feta Cheese

We offer various solutions for each market and industry